Audit Plus

I firmly believe the old saying “Experience is the best teacher” especially with sailing. When you take a sailing class at any school you are taught by an experienced instructor but you learn in what ever weather conditions are present at the time of the class. Every Instructor also has a teaching style, and other students in the class have different personalities and learning styles. All of these things together will determine how much you get out of a particular course. For this reason I have always offered Audit Privileges at East Carolina Sailing and will continue to offer it to our future students. Any of our students can come back and retake the basic course(s), whether its the hands on, or classroom portion, or both, on a space available basis for no additional charge.  That way they can build the confidence to go out on their own. Once they go out on their own and have questions they can come back and work through it with an instructor.  They can also experience different weather conditions and Instructors all to gain experience. I think all instructors love to see that smile that crosses your face when the light bulb goes off and you know you “got it”; I know I do.

I am going to extend Auditing to all of our previous students that took courses from us at anytime in the past even though we are concentrating on US Sailing based courses in the US Sailing Associationfuture, after all sailing is sailing. If you took courses at East Carolina Sailing you can still come back and audit our classes, on a space available basis no matter when you took your course for no additional charge. That includes our Day Sailor and Weekend Sailor courses too.  I am going to sweeten the pot for those interested and offer the ability to get US Sailing Certified at the Basic Keelboat Level for $295 on a space available basis in a course already scheduled. No more than 4 people per boat.  You have to take the whole course: classroom, on water and pass the exam. You have to have taken the 101 or higher at East Carolina Sailing in order to take advantage of this offer. US Sailing Basic Keelboat covers the same material as the 101 and 103 combined. (That’s a tremendous savings over what we used to charge for the combo!)

If you’d like to brush up on your skills, add to your knowledge base and experience or add another certification to your resume please give me a call at (252) 557-9783. This offer is not on the online booking system, you have to call me.

Hope to sail with you soon,