Wrapping up 2017 in NC

Fall is in the air and it’s time to move the boats south to the Florida Keys. We will be open and operating up until the 15th of October in New Bern, NC. We offer Sunset and Day Sails as well as various classes. We have decided to reopen the school here in North Carolina in April of 2018. Mandy and I love New Bern and have lots of family and friends here so we plan on keeping strong ties to eastern North Carolina. I also have to finish that Inner and Outer Banks Cruising Guide I’ve been working on. We will still live and play in the Keys most of the time though!

Departure date for Florida is the first weather window after we shut down on  the 15th of October. We should be in the Keys and functioning by the middle of November at our newest venture, Conch Republic Sailing somewhere in the middle Keys.  Hurricane Irma threw a wrench into our plans by destroying the marina we were headed to. We checked out remaining marinas on the Florida Bay side and have narrowed the locations down to two and should have that figured out by the time I arrive. We will be sailing the Hunter 27 down, both on the ICW and quick near coastal runs for the 1000 mile trip. If you have some free time and need/want some experience give me a call. We may also be moving another sailboat as well. Due to the cost of fuel and in order to save wear and tear we will truck the 32′ Trojan Sport Fish down to the Miami area and then motor the rest of the way.

We just returned from a trip down to the Keys and while things are still looking a little rough at the moment you can bet that the people of the Keys will bounce back quick. We intend to be a part of that recovery and look forward to seeing you in the Keys later this fall, winter and spring or in New Bern starting next spring. Our online calendar is current and will be live to schedule classes,cruises, rentals and gift cards.